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TotalCare IT Services

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Our TotalCare™ Program - Your low cost total network and IT outsourced solution includes:

Administration When you sign up for TotalCareTM we begin by doing an inventory of all your PC workstations, hubs, routers, printers, scanners etc.  This includes a complete listing of all software, and hardware on the PC's.  This information will then be checked on a quarterly basis and updated as required and planned. We will keep you informed on what is needed on the systems and what changes have taken place.  With a complete listing of TCP/IP addresses, workstation names, user names and user IDs.

Planning We work with your management and review where you want IS to take your company in the future, we can advise you on the options available and the pricing so you can develop your IT Strategy and  budget.

Hardware Maintenance Updating drivers, maintenance and repair as required, maintaining warranty lists for PC's, printers and other hardware.

Software Maintenance Manage your software to ensure you're running the optimal version to meet current and future needs. We work with you to plan and install upgrades at the appropriate times.

Microsoft Office Professional Support JADE specializes in support of the Microsoft Office Professional Package.

Disaster Recovery Planning Working with you we will review your requirements and needs in the event of a disaster. This includes data backup, power backup, off-site storage of backups.  All designed to keep your business going in-case of any disaster, flood, fire, or storm.

Data Protection JADE will make sure that the updated virus files are on your computers and on a monthly basis, download that DAT files, and any software updates which have been created to keep viruses off of your systems.  If a PC or data file has been infected we will take the recommend steps to remove, and prevent any further infections to your computer network.

Software /Hardware Reseller JADE International is software and hardware reseller we can get the products you need to you in a timely fashion.

JADE International certifications:

CompTIA A+ Certified Professional  CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional
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