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Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the hottest segment in the Search Engine Optimization industry. But why?

Here’s the reason that might shock you:

Over 40% of all the searches done on the internet are local in nature!

What this means is that almost half of all the searches that are done on the internet are from searchers looking for local products and services. You might have noticed recently that even search engines themselves are focusing on this very important statistic. Good examples…Google Local Business Results, Yahoo Local Results, ASK City, etc. Our Local Search Engine Optimization campaigns include the same tools that our normal SEO campaigns include and results are usually seen much faster.

JADE International's Local SEO Services Give You Ultimate Local Exposure Quickly!

Now is the time to make your next SEO campaign count by incorporating a targeted Local SEO campaign with JADE International.

Other interesting Local Search Statistics:

Did You Know: 80% of local searchers looking for local products & services follow up via phone or in-store!

Did you know: 62% of these searchers make a purchase!

It'a A Fact That Local SEO Services Increase On-line and Off-line Conversions!

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