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Search Engine Marketing

Stop Searching, Start Targeting Your Customers 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), in which companies advertize on line, is on the rise. According to an annual survey by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization. The group estimated North American spending on Search Engine Marketing in 2010 at $15.5 Billion! The survey report forecast that spending on search engine marketing will almost double to $29.6 Billion by 2014.

The survey’s analysis of 2009 search engine marketing spending estimates 88% or $11.9 billion of the total spend went to paid placements (ppc). Organic search engine optimization accounted for 11% of spending or about $1.4 billion. Though it accounted for far less of the spending total, organic search was the most popular search engine marketing technique, used by 89% of those surveyed. Only 72% used paid placement. The use of SEM technologies, including those that were leased as well as those that were developed by agencies or in house was estimated at $141 million or 1.1%. Such technologies include automated keyword bidding systems, for example.

Spending on search engine marketing is taking away from spending on other channels, especially print, the survey found. More than one-quarter of the marketers reported they are shifting budgets away from print magazines while 21% said there are shifting budget from direct mail. 19% said they are shifting their budget from print newspaper advertising.

How does your company take part in this growing market? JADE International provides Certified Search Engine Marketing. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your firm, your goals, your markets and your competitors. Once this is complete, we will supply your firm with recommendations as to the size of your monthly marketing budget and how the budget should be distributed. The next step is keyword and keyword phrase analysis. We develop these keywords and phrases through a combination of brainstorming by you (the expert) and an intense study of your competitors. We help you find the predictive keywords that your potential new clients will use to find you. We review the strategy, habits, and maximum bids of your competition—obvious competitors in your industry and those bidders outside your industry offering products or services that overlap your targeted keywords. We match your target audience with the audience of a keyword and then develop a bidding strategy to get you in front of them.

We work with Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions, Bing adCenter, MIVA and many other specialty search engines. Together these search engines account for 94.5% of all searches being performed in the United States.

We provide monthly trend reports from all search engine pay per click programs that identify Total Clicks to your Website, Total Advertising Spend, Your Average Cost Per Click and Your Average Position on each Pay Per Click Search Engine. Upon review of your monthly marketing trend report your marketing plan can be adjusted to maximize your return on investment.

Contact us today and one of our Search Engine Marketing Consultants will begin the process of driving traffic to your to your Web Site! .


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